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Universality is your support tool for conducting classes

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What do you gain?

  • You get access to a huge database of IT tasks to use in your classes
  • You assign tasks to your students to be completed on the platform
  • You save time needed to prepare your classes
Make your classes more attractive
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What market problems are solved by Universality?


Problems with finding first work in IT

There is a shortage of about 300 thousand IT employees in the whole Europe, in Poland it's about 50 thousand people. Despite the fact that IT studies belong to the most popular fields of study, the graduates often don't fulfil the recruitment criteria – academical knowledge is not enough to meet the actual market requirements.


Increasing job market requirements

It is no longer enough to know a certain programming language. More and more often, the companies will require practical skills that they will be able to use from the first day of your employment.


Candidate skills inadequate to the character of the work

Young candidates often know the necessary technologies, but the standards on the market are foreign to them. The style in which they are writing the code is not compatible with the standard adopted by the company. As a result, for a graduate to become an effective, independent employee, many months of training and orientation are needed.

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How does Universality support the process of conducting IT classes

Database of 2000+ tasks

Select those that best reflect the topic of your classes; you are saving time needed to prepare for the classes.

Assign tasks

Thanks to the platform, you can verify the skills of your students in a simple way


Evaluate the tasks submitted by your students, award points, offer advice

Increase the attractiveness of your classes

Ensure that your students are learning by solving practical tasks straight from the world of IT

Make your classes more attractive

What does the Universality platform offer?

Ample database of tasks

Select from among over 2000 tasks, divided into categories, those that best reflect the topic of your classes

Career paths

Solve tasks prepared by companies with your students, help them gain marketable skills

Monitor the progress

Observe the progress of your students and evaluate their answers






Elevate your classes to a higher level!

  • Speed up the process of preparation for the classes
  • Engage the students using real tasks from the world of IT
  • Assign tasks and assess the students' progress
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