Make your classes online

Create groups, invite students, send them assignments. Conduct your lessons completely online

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Universality is your online learning platform


What do you gain?

  • The ability to assign tasks to your students with one click. You can give them points and check their progress.
  • A comprehensive panel for managing your student groups, lectures and lessons
  • Ability to commission tasks to your students with one click. Give them points and check their progress
Create your lecture online
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How to teach classes during epidemics thanks to Universality?

Add a lecture

Enter your lecture, divide it into lessons, upload your materials. Thanks to the easy-to-use teacher panel, you’ll be able to do the above quickly and effectively.

Add students

Give your students a registration code for your lecture or enter a list of emails to which invitations will be sent. As soon as your students sign on to your group , you can continue studying with them without any physical contact.

Assign tasks and evaluate answers

Thanks to Universality, you can easily assign tasks to your students. Receive answers from them, grade and give points

Safe learning

Conduct your classes online without having to worry about your or your students’ health. Teach remotely, taking care of the development and safety of your students.

Start teaching online!

What does the Universality platform offer?

Ample database of tasks

Even though the universality platform was created with studying programming in mind, it can be used to teach and learn any given topic in the light of the current crisis. However, if you teach IT lectures, you already have over 2000 tasks ready in that field.

Teacher's panel

Manage your lectures, lessons and groups of students. Preparing online classes is simpler than you might think, thanks to the friendly interface.

Monitor the progress

Observe your students' progress and evaluate their answers in a simple and quick way.

Make your classes online

  • Use technology in education
  • Assign tasks and assess your students’ progress.
  • Teach in a way that is safe for your own and your students’ health.
StartRemember! The current situation does not necessarily mean a break in learning for your students.Begin your adventure with Universality today and don’t let the virus get you
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