AI Driven HR

AI Driven HR jis a virtual assistant whose idea is to connect companies with candidates who may not have the knowledge and skills to take up a position at the moment, but who have good prospects for development in modern directions, can start the process of acquiring skills and which leads them through their development to finally presenting his profile to the potential employer.

ai driven hr, virtual assistant

Virtual student assistant and recruiter

Advanced support using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Selects a candidate for the career path

AI Driven HR constantly analyzes the competences of candidates and the requirements of companies, selecting the right people to whom he sends notifications and invitations to pursue a career path. By helping students develop skills in which they can be successful.

Classifies candidates in terms of skills

Ensuring the best possible match and the fastest finding of both the candidate and the company offer.

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Detects talents

Having information about the results, it detects talented people itself and helps to attract them to anonymous recruiter profiles. Thanks to this, talented people can quickly arouse interest in themselves among potential employers.

Recommends tasks and career paths

Based on the student’s solutions, it determines interesting development directions and suggests tasks and cases that may help the student in career development .

He takes care of the pool of candidates

It searches users for the potentially best candidates holistically, in terms of many criteria, not only results .

Motivates and helps develop skills

It reminds you and suggests tasks worth answering. By supporting students’ involvement with motivation. Virtual trainer🦾🦾🦾 😉

Start your career path

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