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Universality is your start to a career and first job

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Tests and examinations

You acquire skills sought by employers

With us you will learn what competences are really needed on the labor market and help you get the job of your dreams.

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You learn to solve Cases - real problems

You gain practical experience while learning by carrying out tasks based on real problems co-created with experts from companies.

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You present yourself to your future employer during your studies

You establish a relationship with potential employers from the first day of study.

Companies discover top talents while still studying, give them a chance to learn about your skills

Show the skills you have and build your reputation in the learning you do anyway.

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Analyst Python



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Web Developer


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Data scientist



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Game designer

Business analyst

Business Analyst

Get a dream job

Complete the tasks and confirm your competences to get a job in the best IT companies in Poland

Career paths

Company career paths and internship programs

Choose the company you would like to apply to in the future. Take on the career path she has prepared and let yourself be noticed.

cv, profile

Confirmed CV

By solving tasks on career paths and during classes, you build your CV with skill samples that anonymously reach talent scouts from the best companies.

dream job

Dream job

If you have already completed all the tasks within your chosen career path, you will probably be able to complete the tasks while working for this company. Recruiters already know about it! Expect contact from them.


Relations with employers

You build relationships with employers while you are still studying and before you start looking for a job. The offers will come to you.

remote recruitment

Remote recruitment

Use the possibility of recruiting and working regardless of location.


You know what to learn

You get knowledge about the competences needed on the labor market. This allows you to focus on the practical and forward-looking skills that will ensure you many years of future success.

Cooperation with the greatest

We have already been trusted by large corporations, global and local companies, software houses, startups and product companies. Together with them, we will help you meet the requirements of the labor market!

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Business analyst

Growing requirements of the labor market

A good degree is not enough anymore. Increasingly, companies require practical skills that they can use from the very first days of your employment.

real problems

Candidates' skills inadequate to the specificity of the work

The fields of education, subjects and requirements of universities are often not adequate to the requirements of newly created positions. As a result, for a graduate to become an effective, independent employee, many months of training and implementation are needed.

We will help you find your first job or internship

There is a shortage of about 300 tys. IT employees across Europe, and about 50 tys. in Poland alone. Despite the fact that IT studies are one of the most popular fields of study, graduates often do not meet the recruitment conditions – academic knowledge alone is not enough to meet the real market requirements.

Solve your career paths

Learn useful skills

Get a job thanks to competence

first job

Get a job in the best companies

What other students say about us

When I was accepted for an internship at an IT company, I didn't know anything about programming. I was recommended the Universality website. Thanks to this platform, I mastered the basics of web application programming in 3 months.

– Jakub, Krakow

If it weren't for the career path at Universality, I wouldn't have been able to acquire such skills in such a short time.

– Karolina, Krakow

Universality allows you to solve various IT problems in various technologies free of charge. Thanks to this, as part of practical classes at the university and not only, we can solve these tasks, which allows us to practically prepare for entering the labor market.

Krzysztof, Rzeszow

Easy to use and liked the format. Very good tool for corrections and liked that we could give candidates constructive feedback. Also loved the metrics to see how each candidate scored compared with other interviews. This platform was a great addition to the intern program.

John, Dublin

Do not hesitate, take care of your future now and get the job of your dreams

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