Pilot program in India

Together with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and East Analytics, we are implementing a pilot program in India.

Why India?

We enter one of the largest education markets in the world.

The Universality platform will be implemented in the higher education sector in India, which is one of the largest (after the US and China) and the fastest growing in the world.

It includes nearly 52,000 higher education institutions educating over 37 million students.

We are currently running a series of trainings for lecturers and academic teachers. We also establish relationships with local representatives.

We plan to acquire over 1,000 active users in the coming semester.


Our representative in India

Pilot programme in India

Zbigniew Igielski

A graduate of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, he obtained a PhD in literary studies. He has been living in India for over 10 years. He worked twice as a consul of the Republic of Poland at the Polish Embassy in New Delhi. Author of several books and articles about India. Bringing intercultural dialogue closer is his everyday passion.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi

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