Use ready-made tasks and cases

At Universality, together with engineers from IT companies, we prepare tasks and cases of the latest technologies that we make available to university leaders and teachers.

tasks and cases

Over 2500 tasks

We are constantly expanding the database with new tasks

We work with companies such as large corporations, software companies, small startups, as well as product and gaming companies.

By sharing such assignments, you show students that what you teach is really practical.



Python, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .NET.

task analyst


Basics of language, scripts, data visualization, ML, AI

ux ui tasks


Designing interfaces, HTML, Graphic design

artificial intelligence tasks

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Keras, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, pandas

www creating websites

Creating websites

React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Node.js, HTML, css, javascript

economy tasks


Finance and banking, excel, business analytics

marketing tasks


Copywriting, branding, SEO, content-marketing

law tasks

Management, law, ...

Law, Management, Business Process Modeling

cases and tasks lecturer

Use the knowledge of experts

Focus on what is important, saving time on preparing sample tasks.

new technologies

Introduce new technologies

Creating new courses has never been easier

Using the database of ready-made tasks, you can easily prepare, modify or introduce new topics to your classes.

Try us. Creating a Universality lesson will not take more than 5 minutes 🙂 

new technologies tasks
universality - online platform
online platform

Online platform

Tasks and answers are submitted completely online

Using universality does not force you to install any software. All your students must have is a web browser. They can solve the task with any tools. By including code snippets , text , or screenshots in the response.

You will not lose any of the students answers. 


Transparent evaluation

3 methods of automatic job checking

  • Tasks automatically checked in programming (various technologies)
  • Tests
  • Community checked assignments (students choose the best solution in the group)

Students have constant insight into their (and only their) results.

Each answer in Universality is assigned to a student, task and workgroup. Grading has never been easier.


transparent evaluation

Universality gave me access to a database of ready-made tasks in the IT field

in particular I was interested in working in Excel and UI / UX design

The Universality platform made it easier for me to manage tasks from various departments.

dr Anna Bąkała, University of Lodz

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions or would like to dispel doubts

Can I add my own tasks to the platform?

Yes, it is possible and there are two ways for adding task into the platform.

The first option is to go to the task pool from the main desktop, then select the new task button .

Another way is to add an assignment directly to a specific lesson .

Own tasks in both variants are not visible dfor other lecturers, the exception to this is the task creator makes the task available to another teacher .

How to add your own test task?

You need to use the new test task button, the button is inside the item.

Is it possible to conduct exams or tests at Universality?

Of course, these functionalities are available from Universality. To add an exam, test, test or test, use the add exam button, this button is located inside the subject .

How to add your own task in Universality?

You should use the new task button, the button is inside a given lesson or in the task pool tab .

How to add your own theory in Universality?

Use the new theory button, the button is inside the item .

tasks outside of IT

Tasks outside of IT

There are a number of non-IT tasks in the platform, do not hesitate and check. The number of tasks is constantly growing

matriculation tasks

Matriculation tasks

A specially prepared database of ready-made matura tasks from previous years, facilitating the preparation of students for the matura exam.

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