Access to talent pool from top universities

Thanks to Universality, you get access to a pool of talented students from the first day of study. You have a chance to be the first employer of the best young talents.

talent pool

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Hire the best suited candidates!

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Explore Career Paths!

internship program

Prepare your own Internship Program

Select a set of tasks that prove the competencies required of the ideal candidate.

top talents

We invite candidates from universities

We invite pupils and students from the best universities to solve the tasks. You can also include candidates from other sources

remote recruitment

Filter and choose the best

You have access to the candidates’ results all the time. You build relationships and hire as soon as talent appears!

Share knowledge by building Employer Branding!

teacher support

Learn tasks and Cases!

share knowledge

Share knowledge with lecturers

Universality is a unique tool that allows companies to share with their leaders the problems and tasks that employees encounter on a daily basis while working on real projects.

practical knowledge

Practical knowledge

You allow students to work in real Cases , thanks to which they will gain skills useful while working in your company during their studies

employer branding

Employer branding

Each lecturer in Universality can use your tasks and cases. Your logo appears during class. You start a relationship with a future employee on the first day of study! 👩‍🎓

Access to candidates from the best universities in Poland

Universality is used in many universities and high schools as an educational tool. Thanks to this, you have access to candidates who are not yet available on the labor market.

uniwersytet łódzki

Uniwersytet Łódzki

uniwersytet śląski

Uniwersytet Śląski

uniwersytet jagielloński

Uniwersytet Jagelloński

politechnika świętokrzyska

Politechnika Świętokrzyska

politechnika krakowska

Politechnika Krakowska

politechnika śląska

Politechnika Śląska

politechnika rzeszowska

Politechnika Rzeszowska

wsei kraków

WSEI Kraków

Lower recruitment costs and 

Develop the skills of employees while they are still at university!

cv, profil

CV with code samples

A unique candidate profile containing a portfolio of classes with examples of solutions and answers.

Proven competences

Proven competences

You get access to candidates with confirmed competences, both during classes and on career paths.

talent pool

Talent pool

your career path is an ever-expanding pool of students that you can access at any time.

online recruitment, relationships

Online recruitment

You build a database of talents from which you recruit the best when you need them, and the candidate is ready. The development and verification process takes place remotely.

remote recruitment

Global access to the candidate

You reach for candidates from local universities and from all over Poland. You have the chance to find a talented person without geographic restrictions.

employer branding

Employer branding

Your logo assignments can be used in class to help build your brand.

AI Driven HR

Created especially for you the Innovative Rectutor Assistant.

This is your support in recruiting young candidates.

Automatically invites attractive candidates.

Motivates and supports building a talent pool.

Finds the best suited candidates for you.

ai driven hr, virtual assistance





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Companies about Universality

Great User Experience, Easy to use, Excellent metrics to review tests completed.

– Karl Kiely, Senior Tech Recruiter, Zendesk

Thanks to the platform, we saved time on verifying dozens of CVs, getting the best candidates.

– Artur Jankowski, CEO, MasterApps

Its uniqueness resides in its functionality that enables a better match between companies needs in terms of skills

– Olivier Magnan, Head of Data Mining Centre Europe, Infosys

Your next employee is already at Universality!

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